Experiencd Orthodontia - 30 Years & Results to Match

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Parviz Alai, D.D.S

Orthodontia is best administered by a doctor who specializes in orthodontics. Orthodontia is a post-graduate specialty in dentistry that requires 3 addional years of schooling. Some orthodontia today is administered by general dentists, not orthodontists who have specialized training particular to correctly straightening teeth. There are short courses and seminars that allow dentists to practice orthodontia. This means that they are allowed to attempt to straighten teeth, however the amount of training they have is limited - relative to the training an orthodntist has.

Dr. Alai treats most cases involving correcting or preventing irregularities of the teeth. Additionally, Dr. Alai treats other disorders. For example, TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Disorder), which has symptoms of joint pain, jaw clicking, headaches, neck & shoulder pain, buzzing in the ears, sometimes nausea, numbness of the arms.

Dr. Alai also specializes in unusual maxillofacial disorders and has an excellent track record of results, as evidenced from media on our associated web pages. Links to some of these cases can be found above for your convenience. When you schedule your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Alai, please ask him to show you a few cases like yours for good measure.



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